Bhringraj Oil – Remedy For Hair Loss?

hair-care.jpgBoth men and women struggle with hair loss. Baldness, dandruff and other serious scalp conditions are no longer the problem of the elderly only. More and more young people are suffering for this reason. There are numerous causes: ranging from the typically health causes, stress, bad eating habits and drugs to improperly chosen cleansing cosmetics and lack of proper care. Obviously, we can use dietary supplements, undergo trichologist tests, use herbal rinses. However, there are far better methods of stimulating hair growth and preventing its loss. Bhringraj oil is one of the best ones.

Bhringraj is an Indian herb used in traditional medicine. It offers lots of healing and conditioning properties. It contains numerous precious ingredients, including: natural sunscreen, vitamin C, flavonoids and phytosterols. In the plants there are also dyes lawsone and eumelanin which darken the strands. Bhringraj herb is used for healing colds and getting rid of toxic substances out of the organism but even as antivenom for snake bites. However, it’s best known as an ingredient of hair oil; powdered herb is also available.

How does bhringraj work? The plant contains lots of active and nutritional ingredients which are most active in the phase of hair growth, namely anagen. This is also when hair club is created, hair follicle is lengthened and melanin is produced. The phase lasts up to six years during which hair grows up to 25 inches. The next phase is catagen when all the actions from the previous phase disappear; it lasts up to three weeks. Another stage is telogen – period of hair resting which takes up to four months. The last phase is exogen – the time when hair falls out.

Also, bhringraj oil has a direct influence on hair bulbs and follicles, enhancing their work and proper functioning. It nourishes and strengthens them and makes them less prone to chemical and mechanical damages. That is why, bhringraj oil prevents pre-mature greying and even baldness and dandruff. It also hinders other scalp conditions, including: psoriasis, feeling of itching, eczema, seborrhoecic and atopic dermatisis, acne. The product also provides strands with smoothing, moisturising and shine. It makes hair health and beautiful.

How to use bhringraj oil? The application method depends on the concentration of the oil in the cosmetic. If we have a brew of bhringraj leaves, we must add one of the two cosmetic oils: sesame or coconut. Only these two products don’t enter into chemical reaction with the ingredients of the extract of bhringraj leaves thus they are safe for hair and scalp. We massage head with the prepared mixture, paying special attention to the area lacking hair. The massage improves bloodstream, strengthens hair bulbs and speeds up the performance of bhringraj oil.