Ready, steady, grow! Bhringraj and other hair growth oils – review


Hair oils enjoy huge popularity. Most women know there are no better repairing and beautifying substances than natural oils. Unique properties, power for penetrating inside, the ability to match hair structure and repair hair bulbs – these things make hair oils irreplaceable in stimulating hair growth and stopping hair loss.

Macerations – the mixtures of natural oils and Ayurvedic (Eastern medicine and philosophy) herbs – have been known to Hindu women for ages. Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) is among the most popular herbs found in Ayurvedic blends for hair growth.

There is a reason why bhringraj is called “king of hair”. The plant of wonderful qualities is known throughout Asia where women say that bhringraj juice plus a natural oil (e.g. coconut, sesame or any other oil that has protective power) is an infallible remedy for hair greying. Japanese women say that they condition their black hair with bhringraj and oiling with natural oils. As a result, their hair colour does not fade due to the sunlight and their hair turns grey when they are much older. Bhringraj oil is used to stimulate hair growth and hinder falling out thanks to enhancing melanin that is responsible for hair colour and strength.

That is why many Ayurvedic products available on the market contain bhringraj extract. You should be aware that the powdered bhringraj must be blended with natural oils in order to deliver any effects. Why? Natural oils have the ability to penetrate your hair, enhance hair bulbs, stimulate blood flow thus encourage hair growth and hinder hair loss. The cosmetic industry is abounding in hair growth oils; their number is so huge that you must find it hard to choose the best one. The following review presents the most recommendable oils. It will help you make the right choice.

Nanoil Hair Oil – more precisely, 3 oils matching 3 hair types – is definitely the highest-quality hair growth oil that reinforces and repairs hair from the roots to the ends. Nanoil outshines other hair oils. It takes into consideration an aspect that is ignored by other products: hair structure, or porosity. Each Nanoil version is suitable for different hair porosity thus contains different natural oils that precisely correspond to its structure. The composition of every brilliant oil offers extra ingredients (liquid silk, lanoline, keratin and panthenol) that condition your strands, deliver gloss and rebuild keratin layer on the surface of hair and broken disulfide bonds. What is more, Nanoils include two superb substances that boost hair growth and inhibit hair loss. There are no herbal macerations contained in the product so Nanoil has a nice, clear, light brown colour and beautiful, subtle and non-irritating aroma that will linger on your hair. Nanoil Hair Oil has more benefits. Apart from an overnight hair and scalp oiling, it is successful as a serum for heat protection, a conditioning fluid, a smoothing emulsion, an additive to balms and conditioners. You can rub it into hair ends, apply to dry or wet hair. This is what makes Nanoil Hair Oil a multidimensional product that replaces lots of hair repair and care cosmetics. Unfortunately, Ayurvedic oils – for example, Sesa Hair Oil – do not have such amazing properties. Sesa Oil comes in a white, plastic bottle without an applicator. Sesa “mixture” has a green colour (because of bhringraj and brahmi). It gets quite runny after warming-up so you must learn to apply it to scalp and hair. However, you should not ignore Sesa Oil: if you use it regularly and persistently (minimum once a week), it will speed up hair growth because it has a positive influence on hair bulbs and scalp. Sesa is a blend of natural oils, herbs, proteins and neem extract – known in India for ages as a natural hair growth booster. Sesa Oil has an intensive and quite unpleasant aroma. It is normal for women in India but those from different corners of the world may find it unbearable.


Nanoil Hair Oil – the highest-quality hair growth oilhollywood-beauty-castor-oilkshir-pak-vidhi-sesa

While searching for hair growth oils, you should take a look at Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil – often described as a hair mask due to the buttery consistency. This strong hair growth mask offers a large quantity of an unrivalled oil used for boosting growth and reinforcing hair (castor oil). It is irreplaceable in hair care, strengthens hair bulbs and intensifies hair colour. Hollywood Castor Oil also includes jojoba oil and cocoa butter – their task is keeping the scalp balanced (jojoba oil contains the valuable squalane) and protecting your hair from heat (main function of cocoa butter). Moreover, natural oils are made up of minerals that take care of the beauty and condition of your hairdo. Mink oil is an intriguing ingredient of Hollywood Beauty Oil. It is powerful as a beautifying product. The manufacturer assures that no mink has been hurt while extracting the oil. Aloe vera extract – also contained in the product – is ideal for scalp and hair care as it ensures proper hydration. Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is extremely cost-effective. You must warm it up before the application. Used regularly, it stimulates hair growth and takes care of the condition and appearance of your hair.