Indian secret of beautiful hair - wonderful properties of bhringraj oil

Bhringraj means "hair". This is how Indian herb of extensive medical properties has been named. It's cherished in India and widely used in traditional medicine (Ayurveda)

Bhringraj is a plant with long green leaves and fragile white flowers. It's immensly precious - we male use of its fruit and leaves as well as roots and stem. Its ingredients have a healthful influence not only on the hair but also on the scalp.

Green powder is extracted from the plant. In combination with an oil (usually coconut), it's a mixture used for hair oiling. After such treatment the magic begins to happen. Probably, there is no conditioner which provides such effects. Hair starts to grow faster and gets thicker. The oil is a rescue for all those who struggle with greying, hair loss and even balding as it strengthens hair bulbs very effectively. With longer use it brings out natural and a little darker hair colour (dry and damaged hair loses its colour a bit).

It's very good to use it for the massage of the scalp as bhringraj oil stimulates circulation and soothes any irritations on the scalp. Also, it fights various scalp conditions (dandruff, psoriasis). It has soothing and a little cooling properties. That's why it is also recommended as an every week treatment - beauty ritual and relaxation after hard work.

People who fight with split ends will also love bhringraj oil as it splendidly nourishes hair ends and prevents their splitting.

It's good to use it in summer as it contains sun protection factor and saves our hair from destructive UV radiation. The sun is not the only enemy defeated by the "green warrior". It will also protect hair cuticles from any high temperature hair treatments like blow-drying, using curling or flat iron). Moreover, it will greatly strengthen hair resistance during routine hair treatments: combing, brushing, rubbing and pulling caused by towel drying.

If you're still not convinced of the revolutionary properties of bhringraj, it's enough to take a look at beautiful hair of Indian women. They have been using oils for hair care for ages. So, maybe it's worth to gain some knowledge about the Eastern philosophy ad medicine.